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About us

Expert first aid training in Calgary

ProSafe is a Safety Educator, we specialize in mobile and on-site Standard First Aid Training. All of our courses are in line with the Alberta OH&S, and ILCOR standards. ProSafe is an affiliate of the Lifesaving Society. The Lifesaving Society has been involved with promoting safety and Safety Training since 1891.

We are flexible and can personally design a course schedule to suit your needs. We use only experienced instructors. We offer a 16 Hour full course which focuses on applicable and common First Aid emergencies, as well as teach current CPR and AED standards.

Our Re-Certification takes less time and is available to everyone who takes the course before the expiration date on their First Aid award. We run the least expensive courses in Calgary.

Expert first aid training in Calgary

How are we the most affordable Calgary First Aid trainer?

  • Locally owned and operated
  • We use instructors to handle administrative tasks
  • We reduce our property costs by being near Stoney Trail
  • We have streamlined our operating expenses
  • We are also conveniently located, so it’s easy to avoid traffic!

Protect the people around you

Calgary’s First-Aid and CPR Training

First Aid is a valuable life skill that is applicable in any environment. It provides people with the rescue skills to manage illness or injuries while accessing the need for emergency services.

First Aid Training also has an injury prevention role. Research has shown that individuals with first aid training are less likely to become injured.

Do you feel confident you know what to do in event of an injury with a loved one or small children?

Pro Safe will provide First aid and CPR course materials to all students in all classes, it is highly encouraged to take these home and review after completing the course. The margins of these books are filled with tips and extra information. Specific information is simple to find with the easy to use glossary found in the back of the First Aid Manuals. Vocabulary used by the instructors will be the words found in the Manuals as we go through the course and so there is no confusion during the review.

Pro Safe offers the most cost effective training in Calgary for first aid and CPR, we have a list of our prices vs some other companies found below. Pro Safe is found right by the Glenmore and Stoney Trail, there are many ways to avoid the morning congestion to reach us and is in a perfect placement for those traveling from Airdrie, Chestemere, Strathmore or Okotoks. Parking is free and the area has a number of restaurants to choose from for lunch or during breaks.

Group, Corporate and union discounts are available. If you are a part of a union or business partner of Pro Safe, then during payment please put in your discount code. For Group discounts, if you are paying for 3 or more people on one card then contact us for your coupon code.