Unit 205, 4441 76 Avenue S.E. Calgary, AB T2C 2G8

Standard First Aid CPR “C” & AED Recertification



Category Certificate



Duration 8 hours
Assesment Preforming Techniques shown
Tests 1
Language English

Re-certification. You Must Bring your Previous Standard First Aid card to class. Your present certification must not be expired; otherwise, the full course will be required.

Alberta Government OH&S recognized. Standard First Aid certifies you for 3 years, that’s a long time to go without another review. Do you remember how to respond to a respiratory emergency, Abdominal and Chest Injury, Broken bones and spinal injuries. ProSafe offers a one-day refresher if you still have a non expired First Aid Card. Come in and let us go over all the aspects you not remember as clearly, and the changes that have occurred.

At the end of this course, you will be certified for another 3 years as long as you attend the whole course, pay attention and get 70% on the open book 50 question Exam.

This Refresher Course is 8 Hours based on a class of 12 and breaks