Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to some common concerns you may have regarding CPR and First Aid training.

Industry Standard in Alberta is usually CPR C, which would also be the most recommended CPR course. Yoga Instructors and Personal Trainers as well as some other postitions that require you only to supervise adults will generally only require CPR A.

CPR-HCP is for people who have a job which is termed as a “Health Care Provider” i.e. Nurses, Paramedics and Firefighters to name a few.

If this is for a Job or you are looking at taking a course for a perspective job, please consult with your employer for what they require from you.

Emergency First Aid was changed this year in accordance to OH&S standards, it will also certify you in CPR C and AED and it lasts for 3 years.

Emergency First Aid is a great course to take which gives you procedures to follow immediately when responding to an emergency.

Standard First Aid certifies for 3 years and still includes CPR C and AED training.

Standard First Aid includes all of the training and topics in Emergency First Aid, but it also emphasizes what to do following the “immediate response” that is covered in Emergency First Aid.

For many construction and slightly more hazardous jobs in Alberta, Standard First Aid is the OH&S requirement.

As always, consult with your employer before signing up for a course or contact us.

Everyone. The information learned in these courses are helpful to everyone in any first aid emergency. Know how to protect yourself and loved ones. The majority of first aid emergency do not happen and the work place.

Follow the links to the Course you would like to take, and check out our calendar for dates open.

Our office is open from 8am-8pm Monday-Friday. If you reach our voicemail please leave a message we promise to respond within 12 hours to all voicemail and emails.

We have a list of our prices matched against other companies in Calgary found at the bottom of the Homepage. Our prices will also be shown when going through the process of picking your course and dates.

Our office will be running courses 6-7 days a week, with evening classes 3 days a week starting in September 2017 (contact us for more information on evening classes)

Discounts will be given when groups are signing up at the same time.

Yes we do. For private classes and costs (which will include discounts as well) please contact us or call 403-472-9191

Yes, these topics will be taught as information only classes in private groups. Also, candidates in these courses will not receive a Alberta recognized certification at the end. (please contact us or call 403-472-9191 for more information or to set up a course).